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A drunk ambulance driver from Doljevac ran over a young man in front of a house in the village of Šainovac

-My child was run over by a drunk driver of the Doljevac Ambulance. He didn’t even stop, he went on to sober up. Let the whole world hear what he did and how he killed my child. I was waiting for my son to come home from work, and he was lying dead in front of the house. In a trembling voice, hoarse from crying, this is what the inconsolable Vesna Perić, mother of Željko Ristić (19) from the village of Šainovac near Doljevac told us on Tuesday, who died on Monday around 10.30 pm,  when he was only ten meters away from the house when he was hit by car which was driven by M.P. (38). He then fled the scene of the accident, and as we learn from a source close to the investigation, that the police found out the same evening that a drunk driver was admitted to the Toxicology Department, so the check determined that it was the man who caused the accident and killed the young man.

– We waited for him to return from work, but he was not there – Vesna’s mother Dragica continues, because her daughter could not talk anymore. – The bus he came by also passed, and he was still missing. I called him several times, but someone denied my call. Then I saw rotating lights through the window. I called my husband, and I went out into the street in my pajamas. They wouldn’t let me approach. I begged them to let me go, I shouted, “My child is missing.” Two policemen kept me from approaching. Then we saw that it was our Zeljko, our only child. He was killed by a drunk driver who fled. He wrapped us in black, closed our house … Dragica says that they heard that the driver went to the Health Center in Doljevac, where he normally works, and that he allegedly fainted there due to how much alcohol he drank.

They sobered him up, while our child was lying on the street for half an hour, trampled like a kitten – says Dragica as she hugs and kisses the picture of her grandson. – Instead of coming immediately to help Željko. Maybe they could have saved him. It is said that the driver had three per mille of alcohol in his blood. What should we do now without our only child. How can I comfort my daughter while my soul is crying … Vesna is divorced, she took care of him herself, we kept him like a little water in the palm of our hand. The whole village is crying today, the whole factory where he worked. There is no one who does not feel sorry for him.


According to the order of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nis, the suspect M.P. was detained for up to 48 hours and he will be brought to the prosecutor with a criminal report, the police announced. He is charged with the criminal offense of endangering public traffic and failing to provide assistance to a person injured in a traffic accident.

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