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Dimitrije (24) died on his way back from a party: "It exploded like a bomb"

Telegraf 03. 09. 2022.

Residents of Draškovec are in shock after Dimitrije D. (24) from the village of Leskovac died last night in a traffic accident in the village of Međa. The locals still cannot accept that such a wonderful young man as Dimitrije died in an accident near his house.

– The guy was exemplary, hardworking, beautiful as a doll. He worked at “Jura” and helped his family with household chores. I don’t know how his people will survive this now. His parents worked all their lives and tried to provide him and his older brother with the best possible living conditions. My mother works as a saleswoman in a drugstore in Draškovac, everyone knows her and everyone has nothing but words of praise for her and her family – said the neighbor of the tragically injured young man.

According to her, Dimitrije and his friend were returning in an “Alfa Romeo” car from a night out in the village of Brijanja, ten kilometers away, when the tragedy happened.

– They went in front, and behind them in the “audi” were another guy and two girls. They did not see the moment of the accident, but they say that Dimitrije hit a container on the side of the road, which is why he lost control of the vehicle, crossed to the other side of the road and hit the concrete fence next to it. During the impact and rollover, the car was completely destroyed and Dimitrije died immediately – said the neighbor.

– By sheer luck, the young man sitting next to him escaped with minor injuries. A car passed that way and knocked down a man who heard that the accident had happened and got out to help, but that driver did not stop. Then an “Audi” with a young man and girls from Draškovec came by and he hit the already crushed “Alfa”. The three young people in that vehicle were lucky and escaped with only minor injuries – said the resident of Draškovec.

While the investigation was going on, a collision occurred

As she said, the police investigated the accident site for a long time, because while two vehicles were on the road, two more vehicles collided there, and they are looking for the driver who fled after knocking down a man from Međa who wanted to to help. The police, she added, were also in Draškovac today and they spoke with the young men and women who survived the accident.

– They and their families are really shaken. Their parents are also terrified because last night they were informed that they were going to the Leskovac hospital urgently, as their children had been transferred there. They knew immediately that something terrible had happened. They were released very quickly after they were examined, but it will surely take a long time before they recover from the shock of losing their friend – said our interlocutor.

Traffic on the Brestovac-Bojnik road at the scene of the accident in the village of Međa was closed today until 10 a.m., and the workers of the “Road Company” Niš were cleaning debris, glass and car parts left from this tragic chain collision until noon.

According to the residents of Međa, there have been five traffic accidents on that section of the road in the last two years. Everyone in the village heard that night, because when the “alpha” hit the fence, it cracked like a bomb had exploded.

5 people were treated at the General Hospital in Leskovac

The director of the General Hospital in Leskovac, Nebojsa Dimitrijević, stated that after the accident, I.B. (45), P.P. (23), C.S. (28), S.A. (26) and N.M. (28) were treated in that institution.

– I.B. was admitted for surgery due to the injuries he sustained on the scalp and after treatment he was referred to a neurosurgeon at the University Medical Center Nis, because we do not have a doctor in that specialty at the hospital. The first examination did not indicate that he has injuries that would require him to be kept for treatment in Nis, so we believe that he will be returned and that he will continue his treatment at the surgery in Leskovac. After the examination, the other patients were released for home treatment – said Dimitrijević.

The causes of the accident are not yet known, but it is assumed that they are high speed and slippery road.

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