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Virtual Crash –

Virtual Crash represents a new generation of traffic simulation software. The program uses hardware and software capabilities to display complex traffic events in real time on a personal computer.

Virtual Crash is a software package that can be used to analyze the elements on the basis of which it is possible to determine the causes and circumstances under which a traffic accident occurred. The program is a tool that performs complex calculations that cannot be performed without a computer.

Traffic accidents computer analysis

Proper use of Virtual Crash requires expert knowledge of traffic, especially traffic accident analysis, as well as good computer skills. Virtual Crash is a tool for traffic accident analysis, and the quality of the input data on which the program calculates depends on the quality of expert work and the quality of material evidence.

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With Virtual Crash it is possible to check parameters determined by conventional methods, as well as to more precisely determine those parameters that could not be determined by classical methods. Thus, it can help determine the location of a collision when no (or not good) traces of a traffic accident were found. For example, in cases where there are no traces of a traffic accident and vehicle damage is known, vehicle stop positions, directions of vehicle movement are known, and injuries to persons inside the vehicles are described. Based on the damage, it is possible to accurately determine the position of the vehicle at the time of the collision, and considering the injuries to the occupants, it is also possible to calculate the speeds at which the vehicles were moving at the time of the collision. Based on this information, Virtual Crash can determine the crash site.

The result of the simulation

Simulation results can be viewed in a plane (as a two-dimensional image) or as a spatial 3D (three-dimensional) image, and the simulation parameters can be viewed in the form of diagrams and tables. By placing the cameras in different positions in a virtual 3D space where a traffic accident occurred, it is possible to see the event as seen by drivers, pedestrians and all other participants.

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