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The higher public prosecutor’s office in Niš declared itself incompetent to act on the criminal complaint filed by the Ministry of Mining and Energy on August 18 this year due to the accident in the “Soko” mine.

“After the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac made a decision that there were no grounds for criminal prosecution of anyone due to the death of the miner, we expected that the Niš Prosecutor’s Office would make a statement based on the new criminal complaint. However, neither I, as the representative of the eight families, nor the relatives of the victims were informed of anything. “Today, after looking into the case, I found out that the Niš VJT declared itself to be incompetent and returned the case to the Aleksinac prosecutor’s office,” announced lawyer Bratislav Stojanović.

He emphasized that two months have been lost since the decision of the prosecution in Aleksinac not to prosecute anyone for the accident.

“Two months were lost, we did not receive case files, our intention was to hire super experts from abroad to give their opinion on this event. We believe that this decision is also just buying time. We will inform the assembly and other competent authorities, they will hold a press conference in Aleksinac already next week and request that this event be shed light on and those responsible punished,” Stojanović concluded.

As a reminder, Darko Zlatković (43), Nenad Trivunac (37), Petar Petrović (31), Radovan Grujić (47), Branko Čokorilo (56), Branislav Zlatanoović (55) and Živković Bratislav died in the accident in the “Soko” mine. (59). 20 of their colleagues were injured in the accident. Miners in the “Soko” mine were killed due to a methane leak, which occurred after the mine shaft collapsed.


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