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Could a "force majeure" be responsible for the miners' deaths? 23.01.2024

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The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac rejected another criminal complaint regarding the responsibility for the death of eight and injury to 18 miners in the “Soko” mine. The position taken by the prosecutor’s office in Aleksinac is that the tragedy was caused by “force majeure”, reports the media.

Ivana Marković, a reporter for the morning program “Probudi se”, checked how this decision was commented by the lawyer who represents the families of the miners who died. Bratislav Stojanović, the lawyer of the families of the miners who died, explained what the prosecution’s decision was.

This is the second decision to dismiss the criminal complaint submitted by the Ministry of Mining and Energy and submitted by former minister Zorana Mihajlović.

– It was rejected for the first time and after the objection was submitted, which was accepted, and it was acted upon during the procedure by the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac, all the witnesses who were proposed were heard and at the end of the collection of evidence. according to me, there was no evidence for such an action, but in order to cover such decision-making, the authority of the procedure requested a permissive expert opinion from the commission that was formed at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade, and who exceeded their powers. They only had the authority to provide expertise on technical issues and the organization after the Sopot pit where the mining accident occurred in order to determine whether all the devices that measured methane were functioning and how it was all organized. However, this commission overstepped its authority and gave the opinion that it was a case of force majeure, which is a natural event that can only be decided by lawyers, and not by this commission. Only the criminal court can decide on force majeure – said Stojanović.

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