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The Assembly of Serbia did not respond to the proposal of the families of the injured miners to form an Inquiry Committee

The National Assembly has not yet responded to the proposal of the families of the eight miners killed in the “Soko” mine to form an Inquiry Committee that will clarify the circumstances that led to the accident on April 1 last year, the legal representative of the families, Bratislav Stojanović, said today.


“Three weeks have passed since the submission of the proposal, and we have not received any notification, nor do we have any information that the item was on the agenda of the republican parliament. That did not discourage us, we are moving on, continuing the legal fight,” said Stojanović.

Stojanović said that the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac accepted his proposal to question all the miners, about twenty of them, who worked in the “Soko” mine on the night when the accident happened.

According to him, the hearing of the miners will begin on May 5.

“I want to ask them what the situation was like in the mine before the accident, whether any of them reported any irregularities and increased concentrations of methane in the air,” said Stojanović.

He reminded that a new investigative procedure is underway regarding the accident in the “Soko” mine, after the OJT in Aleksinac twice made a decision not to prosecute anyone for the death of a miner.

As early as July last year, the Aleksinac OJT made a decision in which it was stated that “there is no basis for initiating criminal proceedings against any person, because the actions of any person did not have the characteristics of any of the criminal acts for which they are being prosecuted ex officio”.

In August, the Ministry of Mining and Energy submitted a criminal complaint to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Niš against 14 persons for the criminal offense of serious crime against the general safety of people and property, but the Aleksinac Prosecutor’s Office announced at the beginning of January this year that the criminal complaint was dismissed because “there are no on the basis of suspicion that a criminal offense has been committed for which he is being prosecuted ex officio”.

At the press conference held on April 6, the families of the injured miners announced that they will not give up their fight to make someone bear the responsibility for the accident in which they lost their wives, fathers and sons.

In the accident in the “Soko” mine, which happened in the early dawn, before the end of the third shift, the miners Nenad Trivunac, Bratislav Živković, Branko Čokorilo, Branislav Zlatanović, Radovan Grujić, Darko Zlatković, Bojan Stajić died as a result of suffocation due to the breakthrough of an enormous concentration of methane. and Petar Petrović.

All of them were members of the so-called “Aleksinac Mining Brigade”.

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