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The Sokobanj mine “Soko”, in which eight miners died in an accident that happened in April last year, at the time of the accident – he did not have a work permit for 14 months, claims the legal representative of the families of the dead miners, lawyer Bratislav Stojanović.

Let us recall that the Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac decided that no one was to blame for the accident in the “Soko” mine. The families have announced criminal charges, but also that they will seek justice in Strasbourg. Lawyer Stojanović says that today he called the press conference together with the families, because he came across worrying information in the case files.

“I just want to point out that we have come to incredible information, that the republican mining inspector, the first to carry out an inspection after the mining accident, determined that the works were carried out without a work permit.” The reported works were 14 months before the mining accident, which means that for 14 months the Soko mine was conducting pit excavations without a work permit. Such an accident with catastrophic consequences should have happened in order for the mining inspector to forbid further work to be carried out,” Stojanović said.

He notes that he received the case files only a month ago – eight months after the accident, and the families of the victims say that it is unbelievable that the Basic Prosecutor’s Office from Aleksinac twice refuses to deal with responsibility.

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