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The families of the miners who died in the “Soko” mine, i.e. their representative, were not allowed to view the case files from the investigation that was completed by the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac and announced that there was no responsibility for the death of these people.

Lawyer Bratislav Stojanović says that he was told that the investigation is not finished and that he is transferring to the Higher Prosecutor’s Office in Niš, from where they say that the case was submitted to them for review, not for jurisdiction. According to the procedure, as superiors of the Basic Court in Aleksinac, they could order an extension of the investigation, but there is no such information yet.

The lawyer announces that, if the crime is not dealt with by the prosecutor’s office, the families will definitely file criminal charges and hire experts from abroad, because he believes that the current course of the investigation shows that it was done according to the principle “the judge sues you, the judge judges you”.

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac previously announced on July 27 that it had completed the investigation of the accident in the Soko mine in which eight miners died and found that there were no grounds for criminal prosecution of anyone for possible responsibility for the death of these people.

Dragana Stajić, the wife of the deceased miner Bojan Stajić, said that she felt humiliated by the decision of the prosecution and announced that the families would not give up their fight for justice.

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