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Horrific accident in Nis, motorcycle crashed into a car!

Motorcyclist died today on 30.06.2020 in an accident with a car in Nis which happened near The Science and Technology Park, agency Beta found out from the local police.

The accident happened around 13.20 when a Yamaha motorcycle hit a Fiat Punto.

The identity of the deceased person has not been confirmed.

First informations suggest that the motorcyclist was going towards ,,Duvanska industrija”, when he hit the Punto near the turning for ,,Stevan Sindjelic” neighborhood.

The Punto was turning left towards the neighborhood when the motorcycle, which was going behind it, hit it’s back side, near the driver’s door. Car spinned due to the force of the impact and wound up on the nearby sidewalk.

Body of the deceased motorcyclist flew about 20m due to the force of the impact. One of his shoes was found around 20m away from his body…

We just heard the sound of the crash, my colleague who was sitting next to me saw a bike flying and a man’s body. It was a huge impact… I thought that it was a crash between two cars, but then my neighbor told me that he saw a bike flying, and then we saw the body” said one of the witnesses, as reported by Blic.

The cause of the accident is still being determined, and the driver of the Punto has been taken care of by a team of paramedics.

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