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Bratislav S. Stojanović

Specialized in traffic accident representation and work injuries:

For the defense of the challengers and for the representation of the injured parties and their legal successors.

"I did not succeed only because I did not try enough times"

Lawyer Bratislav Stojanović

"The essence is in development, improvement and striving to become a little better than you were yesterday"

Amy Morin

"The only thing I have done in my entire public and private life is that I have never given in to anyone in the administration of justice."


"If I have to explain in Serbia who the lawyer Bratislav Stojanović is, then it means that I have not done my job well"

Lawyer Bratislav Stojanović

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concerning cases in which the Stojanovic Law Office defends defendants and represents injured parties in road accidents and injuries at work

Dedicated to the highest standards

Traffic accident simulation

Law office Stojanovic is a registered user of the Virtual Crash software.

Virtual Crash belongs to a new generation of computer simulation software that enables complex traffic events to be displayed on a computer in 3D space and in real time. Its use makes it possible to determine the causes and circumstances under which a traffic accident occurred.

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Watch a video that demonstrates the capabilities of software through examples of simulations performed at Stojanovic Law Office.

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