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Kurir 07. 04. 2024.

V. P. (20) from Kutleš near Leskovac last night, around 9:00 p.m., in Kutleš, while driving a “Citroen C3” passenger vehicle under the influence of alcohol, crossed the vehicle to the opposite side of the road where V. L. (18) was walking as a pedestrian, in the company of two friends ) from Kutleš, whom he hit with the front part of the vehicle and inflicted severe and life-threatening injuries on him.

The suspect’s blood alcohol level was measured at 1.19 per million.

V.L. suffered dangerous injuries in the form of multiple rib fractures and injuries to other internal organs. He is in KC Niš and his life is in danger.

An investigation was carried out, blood was taken from the suspect to analyze the presence of alcohol and he was taken into custody.

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