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Before the High Court in Vranje, on Monday, December 12, the trial will begin against the defendant due to the traffic accident in which two girls from Predejane died in January of this year.

This information was confirmed by lawyer Bratislav S. Stojanović, the authorized representative of the injured families. The Court of Appeal in Niš confirmed the indictment against A.S. from Predejane, who was behind the wheel when two of her friends were killed and one was injured.

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Vranje filed an indictment against A. S. on June 6 this year, due to the existence of reasonable suspicion that she committed a serious crime against public traffic safety, which was confirmed by the decision of the Chamber of the Higher Court in Vranje, dated July 8, 2022. and against which decision the defense counsel of the defendant appealed to the Court of Appeal in Niš, dated 20.7.2022, on which appeal the proceedings were conducted before the same court.

The decision of the Court of Appeal arrived in Vranje on September 19. Also, according to the suspect A.S., the VJT in Vranje submitted a proposal for custody on February 3, 2022, because there were legal reasons for that.

According to that proposal, the Judge for preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Vranje ordered custody until March 3, 2022, and by the decision of the Judge for preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Vranje, dated March 2, 2022, the suspect’s custody was terminated the legal reasons for which it was determined according to the suspect.

Let’s remind you, in the traffic accident that happened on January 29, on the main road Vladičin Han – Leskovac, around 4 o’clock in the morning, when the car driven by A.S. fell off the road in South Morava near Vladičin Han, two girls were killed, out of four of them who were in the vehicle.

The bodies of the victims, Angela M. and Kristina P, were found in South Morava. They were buried in their native Predejane.

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