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Man who ran over a woman near the City of Leskovac arrested 2 days after

Due to suspicion that he hit a 77-year old woman with a truck, who later died due to the injuries she sustained in a hit-and-run near the village of Bobište, Leskovac police department arrested a young man from the vicinity of Novi Pazar.

The accident happened on Friday, July 3rd in the evening hours, when the 20-year old man, who was driving a truck, commited a hit-and-run on a 77-year old woman.

The police arrested R.D. from the vicinity of Novi Pazar due to suspicion that he commited the following crimes – Serious Offence against Safety of Traffic and Failure to Render Aid to a Person Injured in Traffic Accident – stated the police.

The woman passed away due to sustained injuries.

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