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The trial for the accident on Nis’s Bulevar Mediana has begun,
the driver has pleaded not guilty

In the continuation of the trial for the traffic accident on Mediana Boulevard, in which a 12-year-old boy and a 45-year-old man were killed, 7 traffic police officers who had similar testimonies about the behavior of the “Audi” driver were questioned at today’s hearing. The court decided to do a commission expertise by which experts should assess the sanity, maturity and possible neurological problems of the driver, while the lawyers of both sides had objections to how the expert determined the speed and braking of the car.

Despite the opposition of the injured party’s lawyer and the prosecutor, the Basic Court in Nis decided to ask the Institute of Forensic Medicine to form a commission which should include experts who can do neurological, psychiatric and mental maturity expertise of the driver. that he is a younger adult. As defendant N. S. stated earlier in the defense, he lost control of the car due to these problems, and today he confirmed that he has not reported to the doctor or taken medication due to these problems.

The traffic policemen also spoke about the driver’s behavior at today’s hearing, which lasted for almost 7 hours, and they said that he was standing alone next to the car after the accident, he was aware and scared.

The policeman who first came to the scene of the accident stated that upon arrival he saw the driver fifteen meters from the car, who confirmed to him that he was behind the wheel of the car, gave him the documents and went with him without discussion. After that, he adds, he handed him over to another patrol, which had arrived in the meantime.

The second patrol, according to the police officers who were in it, placed the driver N. S. in the official car, where he was given an alcohol test, and then he was transferred to the police station, and then to the Penitentiary.

All police officers confirmed that they were in uniform that evening, and that they believe that the defendant also recognized them, and one of them assessed that the driver’s behavior was typical for those involved in similar accidents.

Both the defense and the lawyers of the injured parties have objections to the traffic expertise

There is no doubt that the lawyers of the injured parties were driving an Audi at 152 km per hour at the time of the accident, while the defendant’s defense counsel claims that the expert did not use scientific parameters to determine the speed, and that the speed was even less than 131 km per hour. the expert said he found.

It was unclear why the court expert did not perform a computer simulation of the traffic accident, when he had all the parameters. The basic parameter was where there was a loss of stabilization on the vehicle, the movement of the destabilized vehicle to contact with the curb and then to contact with the child, and after that there was damage to the car door and the fence. He set a minimum speed of 131 km per hour. However, when the traffic expert tried to put together that simulation, at that speed, the child would not even hit the fence – said Bratislav Stojanović, the injured party’s lawyer.

He proposes that a commission expertise be done, and not an expertise of an individual, and its composition would consist, as he explains, of experts from the Department of Traffic of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. The speed at which the “Audi” was moving will be dealt with by the experts, which the defendant’s defense counsel announces, as he says, in order to prove that it was less than the one determined by the court expert.

We are not trying to prove that he was driving at a lower speed, but to get what is really true. So, it is obvious that good parameters were not taken, that they took wrong measures. Our experts refer to sources that are based on science, and as far as I have heard today, the expert refers to some sources from the counseling, these are opinions that are not obligatory. There is no one who is the scientific source to which they refer. Our experts will explain why it is not in accordance with the rules of science, and the speed will certainly be lower, and how much, I can’t know – said the driver’s defense attorney Sasa Knezevic.

By the way, most of the remarks of traffic associates, who asked questions to the expert today, were in his work because of the way he measured the speed and braking of the car. The expert also heard that the car was on the bike path when it hit a minor pedestrian.

At the next hearing, which is scheduled for April 28, associates of the traffic profession will be before the court, at the initiative of the defense.

Let us remind you, the driver caused a traffic accident on January 4 this year, driving about 130 km per hour on the Boulevard in Duvanište, and a day later he was arrested.

The trial began about 2 and a half months after the accident, and because of that tragedy, many residents of Nis took to the streets, demanding to improve traffic safety in the city, in order to prevent similar tragedies, and demanded adequate penalties for traffic accidents, because consider that a sentence of 8 years’ imprisonment is not sufficient for such offenses. The families of the victims are requesting that this crime be qualified so that the court can impose a higher sentence.

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