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Prosecution files indictment against driver from accident on Medijana Boulevard in Nis, seeking maximum sentence

Almost two months after a serious traffic accident on Bulevar Mediana in Nis, when a 12-year-old and a 48-year-old man were killed on the sidewalk, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nis filed an indictment against the driver. They are asking for the maximum prison sentence for the crime against traffic safety, which is 8 years according to the current law, as well as to extend the duration of custody.

20-year-old N.S. from Belgrade was arrested after the accident that happened on January 4, and he is suspected of a serious crime against traffic safety.

It is suspected that he flew to the sidewalk by car that evening and killed two people. He has been in custody since then, and the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office points out that they filed an indictment against him today.

The prosecution proposed a maximum prison sentence of 8 years and a security measure of banning driving a motor vehicle for 5 years, as well as to extend the duration of custody of the defendant due to public harassment – says the spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office Ivan Markovic.

This tragedy took many residents of Nis to the streets, and their basic request was to improve traffic safety in the city, in order to prevent similar tragedies, but also adequate penalties for traffic accidents, because they believe that a sentence of 8 years in prison is not enough for such crimes.

It should be reminded that the suspected driver defended himself by remaining silent during the interrogation, and during the investigation, witnesses were also interrogated and an expert report was made.


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