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Južne vesti 02. 11. 2023.

The driver of “Zastava 101” registered in Niš was killed in a traffic accident that happened today around 10:40 in the Sićevačka Gorge near Niš. According to the Niš police, this vehicle collided with a “MAN” tow truck with a Romanian registration.

The driver of the passenger car died on the spot, the police say, and no one else was injured.

In the Sićevačka gorge, as announced by JP Putevi Srbije, the suspension of traffic is in progress.

Traffic has been diverted from state road II A order number 259, near the village of Crvena Reka, in the direction of Niš, to state road II B order number 427 – Crvena Reka – Jelašnica – Niška Banja – Niš – it says.

The accident happened near Ostrovica, and the cause is being determined.

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