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A young man injured yesterday in an accident in Leskovac was operated on in Nis, he is also awaiting fracture surgery

Milan S. (36) from Gornji Stopanje, who was seriously injured yesterday in a traffic accident on the bypass around Leskovac, was operated on in the abdomen area last night, placed in the intensive care unit of the Anesthesia Clinic and is on mechanical ventilation, it was confirmed to Jugmedia at the University Medical Center Niš.

Last night, after primary treatment in Leskovac, he was transferred to Nis around 19:30 and immediately operated on.

“He was brought in with abdominal injuries and serious orthopedic injuries, which will be operated on later,” said the health facility.

The traffic accident happened yesterday around 4 pm on the part of Nikola Pašić Boulevard, near the “Groš” restaurant, when two vehicles collided at high speed. Milan S. was in a smaller, A class, and that car was almost completely crushed, while a larger Mercedes landed on the side of the road due to the force of the impact, also visibly damaged. Two passengers were injured in that car as well, doctors say – it’s easier.

The competent prosecutor’s office and the police, who receive instructions from the prosecutor’s office, did not issue a statement this time either, so the causes of the serious traffic accident can only be speculated upon.

There is still not a single piece of information from these state services about the serious tragedy of February 5, when Jovana Janković (18) lost her life in a traffic accident. from Velika Grabovnica. Such silence, wrapped in “disruption of the investigation”, has gone away in recent years in Leskovac. If it weren’t for professional healthcare institutions, such as UKC Nis, the public would not have known the initials of the dead girl or the injured young men for a long time.

However, there are problems there as well, but again in Leskovac, where there is no spokesperson in the Leskovac hospital, so the media use various means to get information that is of public interest.

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