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Informer: 08. 05. 2024.

A man S.R. (65) from Vučje, who was seriously injured today around 1:30 p.m. at the entrance to Leskovac from the direction of Niš in a collision between a bus and a passenger vehicle he was driving, succumbed to his injuries in the Emergency Center of the Leskovac General Hospital.

As the Informer wrote today, the deceased S.R. was driving a car and, while overtaking the convoy, hit the bus.

He overtook the column of vehicles and directly crashed into the bus that went into the field and tried to avoid the collision, but could not – eyewitnesses recounted.

Director of Leskovac General Hospital Nebojša Dimitrijević confirmed that S.R. died in that health facility due to injuries to the chest, stomach and bleeding, although specialist doctors tried everything to save him.

By the way, there were students in the bus involved in the accident, but none of them were injured.

The police conducted an investigation and are determining all the circumstances of the accident.

An extraordinary technical inspection of the vehicles was also ordered in order to determine whether they were in working order at the time of the traffic accident.

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