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HE KILLED ANDREJ AND DEJAN DRIVING 152 KPH? The trial of Nemanja S. (19) from Belgrade is scheduled to begin!

The injured party’s attorney objected to the finding and opinion of the traffic expert, believing that it was incomplete and inaccurate.

The trial of Nemanja S. (19) from Belgrade, who is accused of causing a serious car accident on January 4 on Medijana Boulevard in Nis, in which pedestrians Andrej Prekljušaj (12) and Dejan Ilić (48) were killed, is scheduled for March 25th.

A preliminary hearing will then be held, and the accused is charged with a felony against public traffic safety.

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office demands that the accused be sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison, as well as a ban on driving a B-category vehicle for five years, charging him with speed of at least 131 kilometers per hour at the time of the accident, which is more than double from the speed limit in force on that section.


However, as our paper finds out, the attorney of the injured parties objected to the finding and opinion of the traffic expert, believing that it was incomplete and inaccurate.


I am of the opinion that the speed of the “Audi” vehicle at the time of causing the traffic accident was 152 kilometers per hour. The “Audi” vehicle crossed the 153-meter road along the braking tracks. If we take the average deceleration of the “Audi” vehicle of 5.5 meters per second and the speed equivalent to the deformation energy of 25 kilometers per hour, the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident was 152 kilometers per hour – says Bratislav Stojanović for “Novosti” , the attorney of the family of the victim Andrej.


He says that in order to check this speed of the vehicle, he hired another expert, also a traffic expert, who did a computer analysis of the accident and determined that the speed was not 131, but 152 kilometers per hour. That is why they demand from the court expert hired by the prosecution to do additional expertise.


– It is important to precisely determine the speed of movement, because it depends on whether the suspected driver of the “Audi” violated the law which prescribes violent driving – explains Stojanović.


According to the indictment, Prekljušaj and Ilić had their backs to the car that was approaching at high speed. “Audi” first hit the boy with the back right part, who flew over the fence of JKP “Naisus” due to the force of the blow. Then, with the back right part of the car, he also ran into Ilić, who was walking with a friend, and threw him on the asphalt. The boy suffered injuries from which he died immediately, while Ilic succumbed to his injuries an hour later at the Clinical Center. Medical analyzes established that the driver Nemanja S. was not under the influence of alcohol and opiates.



By the decision of the Extra-Trial Chamber of the Basic Court in Nis, Nemanja S.’s detention was extended last week, because he is charged with a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment for more than five years, and the manner of execution or severity of the crime led to public harassment which could hindered fair conduct of the criminal proceedings.

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