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“HE ALSO WARNED ME TO KEEP ACCOUNTS”: The touching confession of the wife of the TRAGIC VICTIM, Mile Novaković

Espreso 12.03.2024.

The trial for the death of doctor Mile Novakovic in a traffic accident continues in Niš

“My husband had the energy of people twenty years younger than him. He lived an active life, he used to write down his tasks, he planned to do 15 things that day. He was clear minded, healthy, regardless of his age he still drove He was careful when crossing the street, he also knew how to warn me to take care”.

This is how Ljiljana Novaković, the wife of the former director of the Nis textile giant “Niteks” Milet Novaković (81), who was severely injured by I.J. on a motorcycle on May 21 last year, spoke today in front of the Basic Court in Nis. (49) as a result of which his death occurred.

The widow of the prominent Nišlija tearfully described the loss suffered by her family.

– We lost a lot, he was our support and a role model for our children and grandchildren. He motivated them to study and work, to be good people. He was over 80 years old, but he was in good health, over 90 people lived in his family – said Ljiljana.

Her daughter Natalija briefly said that she expects the court to make a decision in accordance with the law. The right to speak before the court was also used by Ljiljana’s son Igor, who could not hide his indignation at being left without a father. When the judge asked if he knew the man who caused the accident, he said: – I don’t know what he looks like, nor do I want to know, and that’s better for him!

In the continuation of the evidentiary proceedings, the representative of the commission of the Institute for Forensic Medicine, Bogdan Pinterović, was heard. He confirmed that Novaković suffered head injuries, including a severe brain injury and a skull base fracture. He also testified that Novaković was moving at the moment when he was fatally hit by the motorcycle.

Jovanović is accused of endangering public traffic on Zoran Đinđić Boulevard in Niš by driving a motorcycle “Honda CPR 600F”, not complying with traffic regulations, as a result of which serious bodily injury occurred, resulting in the death of Mile Novaković. The accident occurred when Jovanovic hit a pedestrian crossing the street outside the marked crossing with his motorcycle. As stated by the prosecution, a motorcyclist hit a pedestrian in the middle of the left lane at a speed of 23 km/h, which caused him to be thrown onto the road. Novaković suffered severe injuries to his head and limbs, as a result of which he died the same evening in the Niš University Hospital:

Accused Jovanović defended himself by saying that he saw the pedestrian too late and that he did not have enough time to stop the motorcycle.

– I was moving in the right lane, when I saw him I was quite close to him. I applied the handbrake and swerved to the left to avoid him. However, braking did not slow down the engine and I did not have enough time to stop it – the accused motorcyclist said earlier.

The prosecution requested that he be sentenced to three years in prison.

Prof. Dr. Mile Novaković was the director of Nis textile company “Niteks” for more than 25 years and under his leadership this company was one of the most successful in this part of the country. He was a doctor of technical sciences, a graduate engineer of technology and a full professor at the University of Niš. At one time, he was also a member of parliament of SPS, a regular member of the Academy of Computer Sciences of Kyiv and the president of the Assembly of the Association of Creators of Niš.

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