Double dismissal of criminal charges

The traffic accident occurred in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad at night when the pedestrian was crossing the road on the road for mixed traffic, and he died as a result of the bodily injuries sustained when he came into contact with a passenger motor vehicle. A criminal complaint was filed against the driver of a passenger motor vehicle, which was dismissed twice by the competent public prosecution, and I, in my capacity as an attorney for the legal successors of the pedestrian, his wife and his two daughters, based on my objections, refuted the decision of the competent public prosecution on rejection and received instructions from the Higher public prosecutor’s office for further action, and the case was processed further. The epilogue of the proceedings is that the driver of the passenger motor vehicle was found guilty by the competent court of the criminal offense “Serious crime against public traffic safety” from Article 297. paragraph 4. CC, while the family members were referred to litigation in order to realize the property claim.

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