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After a two day search of the Juzna Morava riverbed, near Vladicin Han, where a traffic accident happened on Saturday, the body of the second deceased girl Katarina P. from Predejane was found today, police sources in Vladicin Han confirmed to Danas.

Rescue teams and divers found the body of the second victim of the traffic accident near the place where the deceased girl Andjela M. was found, which accident happened due to ice on the road and unadjusted speed, when a “Golf” crashed through the bridge railing near the “Manajle” tunnel and fell over 20 meters into the riverbed of Juzna Morava, according to “Danas” sources.

District attorney in Vranje Danijela Trajkovic confirmed to Danas, that more about the causes of this accident will be known after the obduction and the hearing of the girls who are currently being treated for injuries in the Vranje Hospital.

The accident happened on Saturday during early morning hours on the regional road Vladicin Han – Predejane, near the “Manajle” tunnel.

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