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Južne vesti 08. 04. 2024.

– I’m sorry and it’s very difficult for me because of everything that happened, especially since we know each other and because we had good relations. One life was taken away and I ruined my life too. I go to bed every night and wake up with it in the morning.” With these words, Ivica Milovanović (61) from Niš defended himself in court today, who was accused of driving a “Fiat Doblo” vehicle drunk and ran into Nišlijka Zlatica Stojković (66) at the pedestrian crossing and killed her on the spot.

The traffic accident happened on November 11, 2023 at around 7:00 p.m. in Knjaževačka Street in Niš, and the indictment of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Niš accuses Milovanović of having committed a serious crime against the safety of public traffic.

He is accused of committing the traffic accident while driving a vehicle while “highly intoxicated” with a blood alcohol content of about 1.2 milligrams per milliliter. Milovanović is accused of not adjusting the speed of the vehicle when approaching the pedestrian crossing in order to miss Zlatica, who had already stepped on the “zebra” and started to cross the road in front of the defendant’s vehicle from the left to the right, as a result of which he bumped into her and pushed her away. The unfortunate woman suffered serious bodily injuries, which in the collective effect represented an unconditionally fatal injury, so she died immediately after the accident.

Before the court, Milovanović fully admitted to the commission of the crime, not even denying the amount of alcohol determined by the experts. He said he had no intention of drinking when he went to celebrate with his daughter, who lives nearby.

– I didn’t want to drink, it happened spontaneously. I calculated, they are close to our house. After the car accident, I was very shaken and said that I did not see Zlatica before the contact, but now I think I saw her out of the corner of my eye when she had already stepped onto the road. I can’t say 100 percent, but it was as if she was pulling a cart and bent over at one point, I don’t know if she was talking on the phone – Milovanović told the court.

He confirmed that he did not brake before hitting the pedestrian, saying that he “slowed down.”

– I didn’t brake before the contact, but after it. I did slow down by taking off the gas, but I didn’t brake aggressively because it was a short distance. I had the impression that I would be able to pass in front of Zlatica because it seemed to me that she took a step back. After the contact, I got out of the vehicle and gave her first aid with artificial respiration, the police came very quickly – he added.

The family declined condolences

Milovanović stated that he was very sorry and would like to express his condolences to the victim’s family.

– I am very sorry for everything that happened. We are neighbors, we know each other. We were on good terms, all this makes the situation even more difficult for me. Every moment I think about what I did – Milovanović said. The husband of the injured woman, Aleksandar Stojković, and her daughter, Anita Stanojević, refused the defendant’s proposal to address them and express their condolences.

– There’s no need, it’s too late now – said daughter Anita. She added that no one from the defendant’s family approached her to express their condolences, while Aleksandar said that after a month Milovanović’s wife expressed her condolences to him in the store.

The injured party joins the prosecution

Lawyer Bratislav Stojanović, the representative of the victim’s wife, and lawyer Vladimir Stevanović, who represents Zlatica’s daughter, joined the words of senior public prosecutor Andrija Ivić, who said that they will undoubtedly prove Milovanović’s guilt with the collected evidence. The attorneys joined the criminal prosecution, saying that they were emphasizing the property legal claims that they would pursue in special proceedings.

The defense does not contest the indictment, it suggests watching the video

Lawyer Ivica Knežević, Milovanović’s defense attorney, suggested that the video from one of the cameras that recorded the traffic accident be reviewed before the court, as well as that a traffic expert be heard afterwards, which was accepted by the court panel presided over by Judge Ivana Milovanović.

– The defense does not contest the allegations of the indictment because the defendant fully confessed to the crime, but we believe that the presentation of this evidence could have an impact when determining the sentence – said lawyer Knežević.

Arrested after the accident

The traffic accident in Niš took place on Knjaževačka Street, which has boulevard-style lanes, and the aforementioned pedestrian crossing where the pedestrian died is located at number 17. After the accident, the driver was arrested, and the court ordered him to be detained, which is still in effect. The trial will continue on May 17, when a video of the accident will be shown and a traffic expert will be heard, as well as the wife of the accused, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

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