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The founder of the office is the lawyer Bratislav S. Stojanovic and it has existed since 1997.
From 1997 to 2009, the Law Office was based in Leskovac and since January 2010 it is based in Nis. The office covers the territory of Southern Serbia.
Bratislav S. Stojanovic is a regular (active) participant in scientific conferences in the field of road traffic and compensation of damages.

Field of work

The specialty of a law office is the provision of law services in the area of:

  • traffic accidents
  • damages compensation
  • litigation
  • commercial law
  • labor law
  • real estate brokerage
  • criminal law

The specialty of the law firm is the representation of parties in proceedings from traffic accidents and compensation for damages from adverse events. Representation of legal and natural persons before courts and administrative bodies in civil cases, commercial disputes and criminal proceedings. The law firm is assisted by several full-time associates who are eminent experts in their fields.

The law office provides its services in Serbian and English.

Our office works closely with several law offices in Serbia.


Traffic accident simulation

We are registered users of the software

Virtual Crashhttp://www.vcrash3.com

Virtual Crash belongs to a new generation of traffic simulation software. It allows complex personal traffic events to be simulated and described on a personal computer.

Legal information systems

We are registered users of the software:

Virtual Crash – http://www.vcrash3.com
Propisi Online – http://www.propisionline.com
Propis Soft Online – http://profisistem.com
Propisi.net – http://www.propisi.net

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